Busy Day

It’s Monday, so I have a ton to do. Especially since I didn’t do physical therapy of Saturday, like I’m supposed to. I’d like to get some writing done, but I’m doubting the beginning of this story. It feels off and wrong. So I need to rethink it entirely, figure out how to get back […]

I did it

Starting the next big Lost Story. Words are flowing. I need more coffee though. I can feel my brain being slushy this morning. I’m gonna have some fun with this one. A lot of these Lost Stories are sad. They deal with really heavy stuff. This one is lighter. We’re going to quip and be […]

This is how it’s gonna be

So I’m officially doing these Lost Stories. I sat down last night, gathered all my little shorts and ideas, and well, I need 3 more, a short, a medium, and a long. And I think I have the idea for the long. I might even start it today, if I can get everything mentally in […]

Still obsessing

I did write yesterday, but it was all editing on latest Lost Story. I dunno why I’m obsessing over this story, but I am.I also keep trying to write Chelsea, but when I do, I end up mad that my timeline needs to be updated, and it’s silly, but I need to know *when* this […]

It hurts

Well not really. I didn’t get any writing done yesterday. Instead I moved couches, with the help of my sons. Still, that about wore me out.I did play around with my ladders and boards. I can make some shelves. I’ll probably start on that this weekend. I’ve been rebuilding my book collection and things are […]

Good morning

I spent my weekend editing that last huge story. Mentally, it scratched an itch.Hoping to get on some Chelsea stuff today, but honestly, probably won’t. It’s finally warm here. I have a dog to wash and shelves to start.

Just realized

I was about to go a second day without writing here. It’s the change of schedule that got me. I’ve been waking up earlier to take my dog for long walk before work, and you would think that would give me more time, but it doesn’t. The big baby also has me playing fetch when […]

1st draft is a go

I finished the Lost Pittsburgh story, and even read it to my editor. He asked me what my betas have been asking. Am I doing another set of Pittsburgh stories. And I think I am. No set date for publishing or anything, and they don’t have a theme or overarching story to them like the […]

I did it!

I got both Chelseas stories posted yesterday. Unfortunately, I forgot my headphones though. And while I can write without music, it’s very difficult. I mean sometimes I have to turn the music off to focus, but usually I need the background noise to get going. Hopefully, with headphone here today, I can get this story […]