Chelsea Meets Ma

This is a series of short stories, detailing the adventures of Chelsea Childling. You can start with her origin story or pick something from the index.*** Chelsea settled against her car, bottle of beer in hand, and watched the sun head for the horizon as she waited. Out here in the desert, it was quite the production. While […]

No writing

I did not get any writing done. I, instead, made price projections for all the shelves and furniture I’m making this summer. *sigh* Anyway, I’ll try again today. Wednesdays are usually pretty quiet at the museum, but honestly, given that it’s rainy and schools are letting out, anything is possible. Regardless, I need to make […]

Happy my Monday

Since I work Tuesday through Saturday, this is my Monday.Yesterday I did the usual, ran around starting projects, finishing projects, making bread, and just generally letting my ADHD guide me.Today, I’m hoping to write something. The well of creativity that pushed at me seems to have dried up a bit. Maybe I just need the […]

Working on it

Trying to keep this latest story just a touch fluffy, but it’s hard. I don’t know why I’m locked in on trauma at the moment, but I have to keep rewriting scenes to lighten them up, emotionally. That being said, I am still writing.

Moving Along

I’ve restarted and rewrote this silly Lost Story at least three times now, but it’s finally starting to gel. And I’m seeing a “theme” to these Stories, which will make it much easier to edit them together into a narrative. Yes, my Pittsburgh books are all shorts, but they are shorts strung together by a […]


So I redid the opening of that Lost Story and I liked it. Then it was the holiday weekend and I was busy. So, very, very busy. Gardening mostly. Our house has extensive gardening that has been felt untended for, well, years, before we moved in. This summer is all ripping it out as 1. […]

Not Yet

I rewrote parts of the story yesterday and thought it was going well. Then I reread this morning, and it’s funny, but it’s forced. So I’m back to rewriting once again. However, I got to walk into work today, which mean lots of thinking time, and I think figured out my problems with this particular […]

Back on My Nonsense

So I’m hating this Lost Story so far. The characters feel forced, the settings are all wrong. I may have to delete it all and start from scratch. I’m 3000 words in and all of them suck. Okay that’s not true at all. Rita’s had a few gems and Matty, as always, steals scenes. Still, […]

New day, new start

Yeah, I didn’t get much written yesterday. We had visitors all day at the museum. I did manage to redo the beginning. The real problem is that, well, I don’t have a monster anymore. I’m 1000 words in, and no idea what we’re fighting. So that’s today’s mission. Find a monster. I might have to […]


I sat down to get just a little writing done, and realized I needed to revamp the beginning. It’s just not working at all, and I can’t save it. So instead, I replanted some succulents, made curtains for my youngest, gave the dog a bath, baked bread, made dinner, and finally ran to Home Depot […]