Road to Recovery: What Next?

It’s been an insane few weeks since my husband randomly applied to a job because it sounded too good to be true. But now, we’re here in Oregon, waiting for our stuff to show up.

It was fun, but what next?

See, the road trip, while a symbol of a new life and much needed family vacation, did not heal me, mentally, physically, or spiritually. I still have a bad back, arthritis, a probable anxiety disorder, depression, and ADHD.

And as I watered the long-neglected lawn of our rental the first morning, the next steps seemed impossible to plot. There’s so much to do. Starting with buying furniture for every room EXCEPT our bedrooms (which we won’t see for two more weeks.).

But that evening, as I stared in amazement twice as many green blades of grass, I realized what a tiny bit of water can do in the desert. And I remembered how huge a difference little steps can be. Yes, I’m about to run up a massive credit card bill, I need to find a job that doesn’t make me want to take an ice pick to my brain, and we need to find a house to buy, but I made it this far on faith and enthusiasm.

I got up each day with a smile since that application because I had faith that my husband would get the job he deserved, and faith that this funky little mountain town was what it seemed. And faith that I could manage a cross country move, even if I couldn’t pack all boxes or make all the phones calls.

And we made it, so now I have to find the faith and enthusiasm to get back to physical therapy (the road trip was fun, but there was no energy for PT on the road. I generally passed out once we got to the hotel.), and the enthusiasm to get back to mental therapy. Anxiety and depression are my back’s worst enemies, and I know it.

As for the job… well, the lady who got my husband his job has offered her services. Let’s get my kids settled, and then we’ll see what Oregon has to offer me.

We start walking today.

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