Almost there

I have one last day of long sitting, but it’s on Tuesday. (I work Tuesday thru Saturday). Tomorrow is a cataloging day, and cataloging can involve a lot of sitting, but there’s also a lot of walking and moving around. Even better it wasn’t freezing today, so existing wasn’t inherently painful. Oh! And the death cough has mostly stopped, so that isn’t stressing my back out either.

Still I am worn out from sitting in the same position for hours today. Which is another issue with writing for me. Luckily, I used to be able to pump out words at a great clip. A concentrated hour of writing here and there every day is plenty for me.

Anyway, my computer chair is here, I’m feeling better, and I won’t be sitting for six straight hours tomorrow. I think that, come Monday, I will easily be able to get some work done on next month’s story.

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