Back on the Horse

Yesterday was about as bad as I thought it would be. All my energy was focused on simply staying upright and awake. I came home and laid down, something I haven’t done in weeks. I ate dinner laying down, which I haven’t had to do in months.

But I went to bed early, slept well, and woke up feeling… normal for winter. Sore and stiff, but not in pain. There is a distinction.

So today, I need to edit the few things my beta and I discussed, and then, hopefully upload for February. If I’m really feeling it, maybe I can even draft a little for March, now that I have a monster.

I tend to give myself the goal, the better goal, and the optimum goal. It’s like a… dartboard of goals. And yeah, I’d love a bull’s eye, but I’ll happily settle for racking up small points every round.


Maybe it’s more like a hiking trail with multiple ways to get through the forest. The short way, that’s paved, with benches and water fountains and bathrooms. Then there’s the slightly longer trail, that’s not paved, and only has amenities at the beginning and the end of the trail. And then there’s the trail that starts with the others and takes you for a damn walk out in the middle of nowhere, before dumping you at a completely different trailhead than the other two.

I miss that third one a lot, both the writing kind and the walking kind. Hopefully, I’ll be doing both this time next year.

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