I did it!

I successfully wrote yesterday. Just a few sentences, just a little bit. But despite the pain and exhaustion of recovery, I did it.

Yes, I am still recovering and will be for awhile. Falls are bad for me. But I’m not in any more pain than usual, I’m just tired, all the time. I’m back to sleeping 10-12 hours (I was at 6-8, my normal), and I don’t move much once I get home from work. Which means I’m healing, just very, very tired. I also have to have my heating pad in my bed (heat relaxes my muscles and kills the pain), but last night I didn’t wake up 3-4 times and turn it on because I couldn’t sleep without it. I actually turned it off at one point. So, yes, it’s taking time to recover, but I didn’t hurt myself badly enough to need to go back to the doctor. Things are good.

I do need to get my mood board for this story though. This is one of those longer Chelsea hunts that take two or three stories to tell. And it’s silly but the right images and music have always made the writing process easier for me. I don’t usually use the exact images in my stories, but they help keep me in the correct mindset, whether the story is romantic, funny, or action-based.

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