Snow Day

I woke up to four inches of snow and more on the way. Meaning I am once again home. My little mountain town has frequent but explosive storms, and my hilltop neighborhood won’t see a plow until 1 pm. And it’s supposed to just keep on snowing all day.

We have a fire going and I’m about to make some tea.

I have been at least trying to get into the mood for the next story. I’m listening to my music and trying to make a mood board. It’s silly, but it works. Sometimes.

It is a bit of the problem. I had hoped to be writing these stories in the summer or fall. I live in the high desert and July here reminds me of Albuquerque and hiking Boca Negra or exploring the The International Car Forest of the Last Church. I would feel that story. Unfortunately, it’s February and we’re getting a ton of snow. I’m making banana bread and chicken soup. Definitely not hiking in the desert sun kind of thinking.

So yeah, I have some actual research to do for this story and I have to get in a desert mind set, but I’m excited, and I have some time to do these things. Maybe even today.

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