I did it!

I got a lot of writing done yesterday. Didn’t finish the story, and in fact, think what I did was choppy and uneven. But I got something on paper.

And then I did something kind of weird. I sat down and reread about 2/3 of my old Pittsburgh stories. I don’t really know why either. I mean I always said I was writing the stories I wanted to read. And I have gone back on more than one occasion to reread them. But I haven’t done it in very long time.

I’m hoping that means I’m gearing up to work on my novels, mentally. I did write those stories to get a handle on the “freelance” monster hunters (as the Haven folks think of them) and the werewolf tribes. And while I have been listening to Chelsea’s music and working on her boards, I’ve been listening the Haven soundtracks a lot more too. I miss them. That’s the crew that got me writing and their story is still in my head.

Anyway, hopefully, I can finish the story today. I do need to work on the tone. I switched it up about half way through and it’s not working. Chelsea stories average about 1000 words. They are tight. I don’t have room to be uneven and choppy, unless it’s what I’m going for (sometimes, yeah, it is).

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