It’s Been a Hell of a Year

A year ago, I was quitting a job that literally made me physically and mentally ill to move across the country, on nothing but blind hope and faith.

Ten months ago, I was on an epic road trip, with nothing lined up but a job for my husband.

On that road trip, I would find a Big Blue Whale, actual donkeys, and a rental to live in when we got there.

Two months later, we bought a house, and a dog, and two kittens.

And now, I’m about to start a new job, and one that scratches so many of my itches. I’ll be working in a non-profit museum, learning to catalog, as well as tours, party planning, research, and community outreach.

However, what I haven’t had is much time for writing. And I’m not seeing much time opening up in the future. The summer is our busy season and I’m learning on the job.

I do have a back log of Chelsea stories, but not much of one. So, for the time being, we’re going back to the old format of one story a month. And we’re changing the date to the first Saturday of the month.

So next story is What Are We Hunting, Tonight? and it will release on June 4rd. And, hopefully, once I get settled, I’ll find the time to finish this story. We’re getting close to the end. Please hang in there.

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