Second verse, same as the first

Publishing day came and went, and I sold one copy. Feeling grisham, baby, feeling grisham.

And with the new month comes the new story, and the great circle of publishing starts anew.


I couldn’t decide if it’s the lack of coffee or if this is actually funny.

I have a bit of a jump start on this one. I’ve already read it out loud to the husband, and it’s been picked over quite a bit. Once I give it a once over to fix the things I know are off, I’ll give my grammarians a call. It’s a short though, so that mean quite a bit less work.

I also have another cover to make… I’ll worry about that next week too.

Second series wise, I’m procrastinating the hell out of this fight scene (five days and counting), but that’s all I have left. I know the ending. This story is a bloated mess though. I need more eyes, to help me figure out what exactly sucks about it.

And on to personal news, Bruce has finally emerged from the basement! Well, mostly emerged from the basement. The husband got him to come out last night for a few hours, and today he’s hanging out in the open doorway. He did let the two youngest kids pet him, so I have hopes he’ll fit in smoothly given a few more days.

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