Little bits

That was writing yesterday. A sentence here, a paragraph there. A few bits of action for Jeff, and a breakthrough for Monsters.

Jeff’s stuff I’m building, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have the set up done by Friday.

Monsters… I’m at the point where I’m adding the layers. The thing about writing a series is history. I have events that some readers will be familiar with, and more importantly, these things are major life events for the characters. So when Mina and Rick get into a fight, she can (and should) reference these events.

However, that also makes the fight a little more emotional and therefore harsh. It also means that the echoes of the fight, the reverberations that resonate in the stories after the fight, had to be tweaked. Not outright changed, but tweaked, subtly adjusted to reflect the slightly different event.

I liked it though, it took the onus off of Rick. I like that Mina now has something to work through as well. She, once again, let her temper get the better of her, and she has to deal with the consequences of that.

Basically, it’s more fun for me, because there is no joy like that of your characters suffering… unless it’s your readers suffering.

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