The old copper top

No, I wasn’t going to put up a picture of that stinking rabbit. Even is that’s exactly how I feel some days.

Today is one of them. I get a night out on Friday and a day at the lake on Saturday. This means a ton of prep today and tomorrow. Cleaning and packing and making sure I have what I need. My accident in January means I can’t spend all day out in the sun, and I need specific sunblock.

Basically, I’m going to have a very busy two days.

I’m looking forward to it actually. I tweaked the ending of Succubus last night, and added about 500 words to another story.

I haven’t been working on Jeff’s story, but that’s because I was getting so much feedback on other stories, as well as helping a friend with her book.

Tonight there’s no writing until late if at all, but I’ve earned a small vacation.


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