Deal with it.

The hardest part of being an indy author is the everything that’s NOT the writing. The covers, the promoting, writing blurbs. My headache the last two weeks? No matter what I do, the cover for the print edition omnibus edition looks blurry on Amazon’s website.

I have remade it twice, and it STILL looks blurry. I’ve tried .tiff and .jpg files(they don’t accept .png). I’ve resized it, got rid of the black edges,  added outlines to the words… still blurry.

Now, my proof looked great, so why does the pic on the website lack that crispness? My kindle covers don’t look like that!


And I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing I can do about it. I can keep uploading new covers, and taking the book down, but I’m following the guidelines.  So, as of today, blurry pic be damned, I’m letting it go.  As best I can…


As for camp Nanowrimo, I’m still way ahead of schedule and pumping out words. I may even take today off.




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