Feeling almost human again

The weepies are mostly past, replaced with more than a little annoyance at the fact that I subscribe several tv/movie outlets but outside of Hook I can’t find any of my favorite Robin Williams movies to watch with my kids.

Though I did watch Hook with them last night, and they loved it.

Today I’m back to be a writer and a mom. It’s raining here, so my kids are in Heaven. Mom isn’t making them turn off the TV and go outside.

And I’m thrilled because I can get more writing done while they watch movies and play video games. I plan on critiquing friends and trying to find more ways of fleshing out Monsters of Pittsburgh. The basic plots are solid (I think… well the first three are totally solid…), it’s the over arching plot that runs through all seven stories that has me worried.

But I’m not going to get any writing done, sitting here staring at my blog and looking for the perfect gif.

the leaf




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