Insecure Writers Support Group



Ooof, running super late today. Usually I get my blog post out before noon, but tomorrow is the first day of school. My husband took the day off to let me sleep in (something I will not be doing for months.). Once we were up, we were off.

Which kind of leads me to my insecurity, my time as a stay at home mom is coming to a end. I have one year left, and then I will have to go back to work, if I’m not earning a living by writing by then.

So far things are slower than I would like. I sell a few stories every month, but not enough. I know I need to give it time, word of mouth takes time to build and it’s not next year yet.

But that does lead into, when I go back to work, will I still have time to write? I’m prolific, super prolific, because I’m at home. No time traveling to and fro, I can write while I cook dinner or wait for the kids.

Now I know some people work and Write. Not to mention that I plan on having plenty of rough drafts written so I can keep publishing.

Still, I’d feel better if I was selling more and didn’t have to go back to work.

One thought on “Insecure Writers Support Group

  1. Hi, some people are so organised that they manage to work full time and still write at night and still manage to complete their books within 7-8 months. It just boils down to getting organised and bringing discipline into one’s writing life.


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