Saturday Scenes

Saturday Scenes
Saturday Scenes

It’s that day of the week again. In honor of getting Sheepsquatch to Amazon ahead of schedule, here a scene from my upcoming novella:

Matty left her to stand guard at the entrance. The store room didn’t have a door. After all, the demon hunter’s bar wasn’t a clinic.

Mina smiled at his back. Modesty was a nearly foreign concept for werewolves. It was fun to indulge a little as she got dressed.

Her brother leaned against the door frame. “So, what’s up with you and Rick?”

Mina grabbed her bra out her bag, her eyes locked on Matty. There was no tension in his werewolf-thin frame though. “Nothing.”

He held up a finger. “Your timing has been getting steadily worse the last two weeks, culminating in getting bitten, then jumping the gun on a not-sleeping reaver.” A second finger joined the first. “After a year of working with you and more than a decade of being a Speaker, he’s suddenly embarrassed when you’re naked.” Three fingers wiggled at her. “The two of you went from a minimum of four hours of training a day to barely two a week. And both of you wear sweats and baggy t-shirts, whereas two weeks ago he never had a shirt and you wore a sports bra and yoga pants.” Two fingers dropped, leaving his thin middle finger in the air. “Do I even need to add that all these changes occurred after the two of you fought a succubus on your own?”


“So, what’s up with you and Rick?” He crossed his arms over his chest.


Find out exactly what’s up with Mina and Rick on October 8th.


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