Bring on the old?

Nanowrimo is going well.


I’m keeping my two day lead. I will hopefully expand on it this weekend, but really I had a revelation this week.

I was researching something I used in a previous story, my first novel in fact. The one I was scared of.

See about a year ago, there was this asshat, who hated my book. And instead of just not reading it, or telling me, “Yeah, I’m not digging this,” asshat went out of his way to tell him how bad it was, and how crappy a writer I was for believing it was good.

And because he was a talented writer, I believed him.  I have been terrified to let anybody see this book. I really believed it was bad.

But once I started reading it… it was good. Sure, it needs an editor, and there are some clunky passages, but it’s good.

So, yeah, I am all about  writing novels again. In fact, it’s been a little hard to concentrate on Nano since I reread The Haven. I want those characters back so badly.

But finishing up these Mina and Matty stories means having over a year’s worth of rough drafts for publishing.

So then I can get all crazy with my novels, and maybe even finish my Epic Urban Fantasy. Bring on December!

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