Santa’s Amazon

I am six feet of Christmas cheer about to descend on you!

Yeah, I love the holidays. And since I’m fairly positive that Black Friday is a societal cancer, devoid of everything that makes this time of year wonderful, I spend mine decorating and making cookies.

So very, very little writing is going to happen today.  At least not until after the cookies are cooling. But I’ll be back on track tomorrow.

And I did, finally, have an idea for naming the final series. I like the individual stories to have a theme. It helps keeps the series separate. Uncommon Animals all had some version of the word Hunt in them (or Haunt, which is still pretty close), and Monsters of Pittsburgh were all named after the monsters they fought in that story.

This time around around, I’m playing with the idea of making all the title parodies of movie titles with making parody covers.

This might not happen.


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