Chelsea Childling: Newbie Monster Hunter


This is my free flash series, and it’s only available through my new newsletter, which is bi-monthly. The first story comes out on Friday, so sign up to read about Chelsea and Jackson.

Moving on. I’m writing, just not what I want to be. In my defense, I do have a few (flash) projects that need to roughed up this week. Chelsea and Jackson’s next adventure (the first one has been written), and a special Valentine’s Day themed story for a blog hop. So I need these done for revision purposes.

And then there’s my next YA trilogy. I put in a good thousand words last night. Should I be finishing Final Call (the last Mina and Matty series.)? Yes, yes I should, but for some reason, despite having the finale mapped out, when I open the file nothing happens. I’m not going to stress it for now. I know what happens and eventually, I’ll force myself to get it down on paper.

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