So tedious

That’s where I was last night at 10:30. I had finally finished updating all 13 of my ebooks on Amazon. As of last night they all include the link to my newsletter. It’s a bi-monthly publication, once on publishing day and once a month, a flash story about Chelsea Childling: Newbie Monster Hunter

Yeah, yeah, I swore I’d never post this again… I lied.

On the writing front, I have been. The penultimate Matty and Mina story is coming along. I did the thing.

The Thing is where I give up on my drive to just finish the damn story. Instead I went back to the beginning and add some of the foreshadowing and things that make the story run smoother.

Usually that’s my last step, but doing it seemed to unlock something in my brain. Once I was  done, I actually moved forward. I might be able to get this story finished before Feburary… only two months late.

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