Saturday Scenes

Saturday Scenes
Saturday Scenes

Well, since I finished my series yesterday, I decided to post the most non-spoileriest scene I could today.


Matty focused on his breathing. He tried to anyway. There was so much to process here.

Matty swayed into Mina as the bus rumbled into the black night. His body still felt weird, wrong. He whimpered.

Mina leaned her head on his shoulder. He put an arm around her, clinging to her.

“Mom will come for us, sis. She’ll be waiting at… where ever they’re taking us.”

Warm tears soaked his shirt. “She’s not coming, Matty. We’re monsters.”

He shook his head, trying to breath and to focus on where he was. A buzz to his right caught his attention.

A handsome and familiar man spoke to him, but the words were nonsense. Fear spread, numbing his hands and feet.

“Matty, it’s me. You need to breathe.” His sister’s voice held a touch of worry under her obvious anger, but it still calmed him.

He took a deep breath and then another. He squeezed his eyes shut. It was so much easier to breathe when he couldn’t see.

Gradually, he became aware of Mina’s arms wrapped around his chest and her head on his shoulder. His heavy arms jerked around her, and she squeezed him back.

He opened his eyes to Dean’s worry lines. Matty reached out, and Dean squeezed his hand.

Mina sat up, cupping his chin in her hand. “You okay now?”

He nodded inching over to Dean and safety. As Dean pulled him close, Matty’s heart slowed. It still hurt, and his jaw ached, but he could unclench it.

Somewhere above him, Mina’s icy voice shattered the air. “You need to leave, now.”


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