Maintenance Continues

With Werewolves mere days away, it’s time for me to start cleaning the joint.


Today was wordpress day. As you can see, I have the new header, and if you press the widgets button… TADA! I send you to buy my books! Because there can never be too many links to help you support my writing habit.

And yes, all this is needed. I even reuploaded a few of the ebooks after catching some typos.

Writing-wise… well, I’m caught in a trap I set for myself. It’s a magic issue. There’s a spell, but I’m not entirely sure how it works yet. Part of the hell fun of a hard magic systems is having to follow the rules. It does make things harder for the characters though, which I like. They can’t pull things out of their butts to save the day. I They have to use their brains.

I’ll get there, eventually.

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