Back to the Beginning

This is supposed to be a daily blog. As in I write about writing every day. That’s kind of the damn point.

But every now and then, I cheat and write one ahead of time.

See, I started working on my novels again, and they are a different animal from my novellas. They are complex and intense. I have a lot of stuff going on.

Yeah, chew on that, my recent writerly friends. I consider my novellas to be simplistic. I tried to learn to write tighter and smaller, and sometimes I succeeded.

More often I learned that I’m not really good at it. I think big.

Anyway, while most of my editing has been me stitching chapters together, I do have to fill in some blanks. And it’s getting harder, because I’m not as familiar with this world as I was in September of 2013. I can still write my main characters, but the details, the Runes, the nitpicky stuff. I keep stopping to find my notes.

And while I fully admit, that I rarely wrote anything for The Haven without multiple files open, they were more because I’m paranoid than they I actually needed them on a regular basis.

So what’s a woman to do?

Reread the first book. This should be easy I read fast.

…have you ever picked up a project that you haven’t worked on in a while?

Yeah, I’m about to throw another level of polish at The Haven. As well I should. I’ve been publishing for a year now, honing and honing. Learning to write cleaner. I’m a better writer than I was then.

It’ll take a few days, and I doubt I’ll do it all in one go. For one thing, I have work to do on Hedge Doctor. And publishing comes first.

However, I’m doing that once I’m done writing this, because I want one day, with no obligations beyond my kids and my house, to concentrate on The Haven

I’m ecstatic about this. I love this story. I love the background and the characters. I love mixing genres and defying tropes. I want my too-magical-to-be-Urban-Fantasy, yet-too-Modern-to-be-High-Fantasy world back.

I want knights in combat boots and cargo pants, with tons of tattoos!

I want unabashed Heroes Journeying!

And by the gods, I’m going back.

Love ya, Pittsburgh…

But I’m heading back The Haven.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning

    1. I’m putting it in our mutual google docs folder. The story is done, all I’m doing is proofreading as I reacquaint myself.

      And yes, there’s a reason I love your stuff so much. Someone else who says, ‘Genres? What the hell are those?”

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