Learning by doing

I’m one of those people who can read a detailed description of an operation, and not have any clue how to do it.

Case in point, writing scripts for the web comic.

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My first attempt, my artist took my first three scripts and made SIX comics. I took her roughs, rewrote my scripts, and tried again. This time she made four pages out of three scripts.

I’m getting better.

Of course, I doubt we’ll ever get to a point where what I write is what she draws verbatim. For one thing, I can’t draw.

Luckily, my artist can!

minacomic minheaf rick

So I know that there will always be some give and take.

Still, I like knowing that I’m getting better, and it’s so, so, so much fun to see my characters doing stuff! I mean actually seeing it, not just in my head.

But I have work to do! There are things to be written!

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