Catching Up

I’ve a good blog week. I know because I’m obsessed with checking my stats. How many views, and where to they come from, etc, etc. This week, a few people read some older posts. Being obsessed, I read what they read.

And I noticed that all winter I was worried about being behind on critiquing my friends. I really didn’t like it, because I have been behind on critiquing my friends’ work.

So I’ve spent this week doing something about it. I’ve actually caught up with everything my friends have posted, in the fantasy/paranormal department anyways.  A few have non-paranormal, non-fantasy pieces that I will get to in a few days. Different eyes for different genres and whatnot.

But I’ve gotten so much done, that I have been able to branch out to non-partners and lend a hand. I’m just starting a retelling of Jack and Beanstalk (with a little Rapunzel on the side), that should be great fun.

Remember that obession meme above? Yeah, I’ve had this musical memorized since high school…

So today, while the rain beats down, I’m going to fairy tale land. Later, losers!

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