Another late post

I spent my morning working through notes on the Red Witch. I’m super fortunate to find a grammar guru who loves my work. So, as she’s plowing through the Red Witch, I go along behind her, cleaning up my mess and clarifying what was explored during The Haven.

And unlike my novellas, I’m not as concerned with readers being able to independently read these stories. Mostly because we’re talking about 90,000 or more words per novel. Nobody wants that recap in every book.

Regardless, it’s great having someone new to the cast pick this up. She likes the characters and cottoned on to a lot things that are only hinted at (backstory, previous book, and what not.) I know I’m heading in the right direction, even if I’m going to have to rewrite… well, just butt tons of stuff.

She’s also totally forgiving of my typos and comma abuse.

But back to the grindstone. There’s more commas to clean up.

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