Wait… what?

Tiny bit of shock as of last night.

One of my dedicated betas finished Last Call.

Best get used to me hawking this cover!

I was expecting a lot more pacing issues and whatnot, but basically, nope.

So I’m staring at this critique, and I’m about to reread the others (because, Huh? Really?), but I actually may be done with the plotting and structure portion of Last Call.

(Side note: the story I was most worried about, the poop monster, she found hilarious. Think I’m gonna keep it.)

And then I realize that yeah… It’s almost June, Denouement is slated for an October release. It should be on the word choice and small details part of editing.

And yes, rereading some of Uncommon Animals, I found a few small details that need to be added. Just little things, to round out the last story.

My last Warhol. Thank the gods.
Ya’ll haven’t see this cover in a while!

It feels weird to be on this part. Like where did the time go? But I also know that it is time. I’m on schedule for these. And it feels good.

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