Nature of Collaboration

For those who don’t know (or don’t remember), I started my writing career with partner, my husband. But him having a full time job and little to no interest in writing Urban Fantasy meant I was, eventually, writing on my own.

Several years later (ie now), I have a new partner, my artist, Miss Ashley Jane. Working on the comic together means a new set of eyes on my words, and different ideas about the visuals we are putting out.

UA Cover

For example, today we had a five minute discussion about Mina’s smile in one specific panel we’re working on. I wasn’t sure that it was appropriate for the scene, but Miss Ashley maintained that Mina’s trying to act ‘normal’ and so would be smiling.

Ultimately, I followed Ashley’s lead. For one thing, I think she was right, but also, when you work with a professional, listen to their opinion. After all, you picked them for their expertise.

UA Page 2
This is one of my favorite examples. Mina’s long hair. In the books, it’s much shorter. Does it really matter? No.

Do I always give in? Oh no. I’ve insisted on one or two design elements that I felt had to be there, or couldn’t be altered. But that’s the nature of collaboration. You give and take to, hopefully end up with a better product.

Rick in Color WM
Much to Miss Ashley growing terror, I did insist on Rick’s spiky hair. Sculpting those perfect spikes is a character tic I can’t ignore or let her change. And believe me, she’s not happy about it, lol.

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