So I forgot my blog yesterday

Doing a daily writing blog means doing it daily. Occasionally, I do my blog the night before, but I try very hard not to give into that temptation. Writing for a living is a marathon, not a sprint. Writing a daily blog means writing daily, and it’s a good habit to be in.


But yesterday, I woke to no water, which quickly led to water all over the basement.

For those unfamiliar with cold climates: my pipes froze and then busted.

And while it was sorted out by the plumber quickly, quietly, and with little expense, by the time it was done, I was emotionally done for the day. There’s nothing worse that sweeping up cat litter slurry to kill your sense of production.


By the time I remembered to write a blog, I was in jammies, wrapped in a blanket burrito on the couch, and really didn’t want to disturb my elderly cat.


So today, I’m going to get my professional obligations to writing done. No matter what…. Right after I take a shower… and maybe a nap….

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