How many times can I use that word?

Read Last Call: Culmination to my husband last night. And there were a few passages that felt like I was talking about Kuzco’s poison.

It happens.

But other than that, the piece feels good. Mina and Matty are almost ready for their next adventure. Once I get through a little cutting and word choicing.


Which means that I can work on my novel tonight.

Yes, I’m very much digging getting to work on my novels again. It’s a much slower process. I’ve been publishing for two years now. And while I do take my time (most shorts and novellas are worked on for nine months or so before publication), it’s very different to work on something that I don’t plan on publishing for years.

Once Last Call is done, I have nothing in the hopper for publishing for quite some time.  Which is a scary prospect.

Well, I mean besides the weekly webcomic and the monthly newsletter

Did I mention the newsletter comes with a free story every month?

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