Happy regular Monday

Yes, I said happy Monday unironically. You get to do that when you watch the sun rise over the water as you sip your coffee.


Anyway, we have a new comic up.

And I am currently driving myself nuts. The betas have their grubby paws on Red Witch, and I have nothing to do but wait.

I’ve posted enough on that subject for long time readers to know the drill.


So what’s a girl to do?

Well, as I sat, staring at my screen last night, I remembered that I had once, long ago started Book Three of the Healer Chronicles (WORKING TITLE). It seemed to me that I could and should get to work on that again.

Not only do I have a few chapters written, they’re pretty good. This isn’t always the case.

Sometimes you go back to the beginning of a story you abandoned, and you know why you ditched it. There isn’t anything good to work with. In this case, I had decided to work on the Pittsburgh stories. There is nothing wrong with the Haven crew. Likely, they’re a little pissed at being left in media res  as it were.

But I have the time and desire to get back on track. And Miss D (my favorite beta reader) would be delighted if I had another working draft for her to read through once she finishes The Red Witch (Book Two of the Healer Chronicles… hmm… still not sure about that title…)

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