Last Call: Finale

For the last three years, Mina and Matty Grekov have defended Pittsburgh from all supernatural threats. They and their Speakers, Sam and Rick, have carved out a life free from the evils of the Tribes. So when Mina and Matty’s mother comes begging a favor, options have to be weighed.
If they help the Tribes kill off a particularly nasty vampire, it might help sway opinion on werewolves, but can they trust the woman who let them be taken as slaves?
Finale is the twenty-first, and final, Mina and Matty story.


That blurb is actually a touch misleading. Finale is the twenty-first published Mina and Matty story. I have a few that I wrote for blog hops, and a few I just wrote for me… and sometime soon, I shall release an Omnibus of Omnibuses that has them all.

But not today.


Today,  I want to enjoy this. I have loved writing these stories. Mina and Matty were very much a whim. Written for a writing contest, just something to play around with. I should have known that I was in over my head when my ‘whim’ of a character (Mina) came to mind fully formed and complete.


The first image I ever found for Mina, and still my favorite


I knew her name, her history, her damned shoe size (6) as soon as I knew her face. I knew she loved her brother to an almost unreasonable level. I knew she was tough, but it was the brittle kind of toughness created by constant fear, and I knew underneath that was true steel.

And damn, did I have fun with her the last few years.


Yes, I love the rest of the cast. But it all started with Mina. She’s always been the hub the rest of them whirled around.

Today, I say goodbye to Pittsburgh… well more, “Talk to you later”. I still want to finish the sequel to Hedge Doctor, and I will get the big Omnibus of Omnibuses out. Not to mention Last Call: Omnibus comes out next month.

Oh! And the webcomic. Never forget the webcomic.

But today, I let it go. I sit back and relax.

Later, Pittsburgh, it’s been fun.


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