Chelsea Childling: Newbie Monster Hunter


I haven’t talked about this project for awhile, but yes, I am still writing my free stories for my newsletter.

Chelsea is frankly one of my favorite characters: a totally normal thoroughly non-magical human monster hunter. And writing her has been just a ton of fun. And her supporting cast, Amber and Jackson Hawk, should familiar to my readers.

Her stories are “serialized, flash fiction”, which yes, is a contradiction in terms. Flash fiction should be contained stories… but  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bat my eyes at the rules and wander off into the woods while they were confused.


But Chelsea, Chelsea, she’s fun to write, and the stories are free!

You can get one today, if you hurry. The newsletter goes out at noon PST. So if you are missing my sparkling wit or just want a free story, I got you covered.


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