So the betas are all over Red Witch, and a few are even combing The Haven again. But these are dense books that require concentration… and Red Witch is still finding it’s way, and that’s a long complicated process that will take years to finish…

In other words,  I’m bored.


This isn’t to knock my betas and critiquers. They are plugging away, and doing a great job. This is a manifestation of my inability to wait with grace. Waiting for feedback so I can make the changes, minute and huge, that make a better book is basically torture for me.


So what to do? There’s always a need more Chelsea stories.


Click on the pic to sign up for my free monthly story. And remember, shame is for people without student loans!

But I have a bunch of Chelsea stories in the hopper already.

So I’m back to bored.


Editing is not my favorite thing to do. Editing my novels is significantly harder than my short stories and novellas.

But drafting is easy. Letting my characters out to play is much, much moer fun than cleaning up after them.

So I think I’m going to read a few chapters for a writing partner, and then I’m going to look up what Edie and Marley are doing in book three…




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