Finally, something clicked

I’ve been really stuck for awhile.

My novels really play with the mash up of genres. The mixtures of fantasy, noir, horror, and adventure that makes up “Urban Fantasy” can be fluid. And Red Witch was really supposed to lean heavily into “horror”.


Guess which one of my artistic influences I want to channel for this book?

The first draft had the horror, but lacked the character-focus I prefer.

The second draft got the characters running things again, but now te horror aspect is all but gone.

So two months of brainstorming, and I think I see the way to bring the horror back.

This never-ending seesaw will balance eventually. Character-driven horror isn’t a new or unique concept. I just have to find the balance.


But having a plan is the first part. And I plan I have.



…my twitter followers feel me.



Today, though, I have new Chelsea.


Chelsea and Amber are finally going to have that talk that’s been brewing for awhile. Let’s hope they both survive it.

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