Slowly losing my mind

So last week I was all “Slowly but surely coming together…” And then… I finished it. I finished the chapter!


But literally, the next day, I realized that it didn’t work. I needed to take the chapter I just written a new intro for and changed POVs, and split it into two chapters… oh and it needed to be in the original POV, but I was absolutely going to keep all the changes that I made, so I couldn’t just put in the old stuff…. oh no no no. I needed to switch the POV… again…


If you feel lost… welcome to the club.

This was so much easier with The Haven. I only had two POV characters. Now I’m juggling the rest of the cast and it is beyond daunting… and frustrating… and annoying… and why I doing this to myself!?!?!


Thanks, guys. Yes, as annoying as this is, I really wouldn’t give it up. Doesn’t mean that I can’t grouse.


Anyway, I’m about half way through the new game plan, and despite my spite, I know it’s making a better story. So I’m going to get back to that chapter and hopefully finish it… again.


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