Once Upon a Time

This was, originally, a writing blog.
By which I mean, to train myself to write, to practice and practice and practice, and frankly, just to talk about my work, I had a daily ritual of writing a blog post. It traveled from Tumblr to here, and I did it for years. Just something every day.
And then I gave it up, not because I no longer need the practice, but because I was writing so many stories, all the time, that I no longer needed a daily prompt.
However, life, uh, moves along.
I changed jobs, moved across the country a few times, blew out my back and did 18 months of physical therapy, got a rescue dog and some kittens, and suddenly, I’m just not writing anymore.
But I still have stories to tell.
So, I am bringing back the writing blog.
Chelsea stories are still happening, I promise. Hell, if I can get back my old habits, I may be able to publish twice a month again.

But once a day, every day (except Sundays, and holidays, and if I get sick), I write *something*. I make plans here on what I’m writing and then I write it.
There are some barriers. I have no good space in my house yet to write, plus I work a full-time job.

Barriers that are not insurmountable by any means. Plenty of writers create around work and I’m slowly fixing up my house. A writing space is coming.
Thanks for all the long time readers sticking with me. There is an ending, I promise. And I will get there.

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