Of course

Of course, my first day back to writing and I swamped by outside forces. My job is fun and I adore it, but it’s also slow. However, today, of course, I had a ton of running around to do, followed by inventory, and month end reports, etc, etc.

And I have stuff to do tonight, of course.

But right this moment, I have a few minutes to think and jot down some thoughts. Firstly, I went back and reread some old Chelsea stories, and I am still happy with how she came out. Chelsea’s depression and anxiety still feel real, and you get the sense that they existed before she knew about monsters. And I’m loving that she’s made progress over the last two years (in universe). She’s still depressed and anxious (and always will be), but she can see the good days on the bad ones, and that’s important.

I also need to get out my travel pics. I did Route 66 in summer 2021 (well most of it), and while I can “remember” the sites, I also know that nostalgia messes with your head. And I took a lot of pics of both the cool, touristy stuff AND the towns lost when the route died. Both of those are important.

But I wrote about writing, and now I might try to get some actual writing done.

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