Back to the Beginning

As much fun as I had in San Francisco, it wrecked my newly fledged writing habit. Nice weather here didn’t help.
Still I was determined to read to my editor last night.

Then my back acted up.

The good news, I was able to sleep it off, for the first time ever. And as sleeping is how I traditionally deal with pain, I’m super excited about it.

The bad news, sleeping it off takes up a lot of time. Like I was asleep a little after 8 PM and went until almost 7 AM. And I’m stiff and sore this morning (despite taking my meds before I knocked out). Though that might be the snow.

I have no idea what’s in store at work today. Mostly because it’s beautiful at the moment, but we’re supposed to get more rain and snow as the day goes on. It’s slow, I’ll try to finish my latest draft. It’s a fight scene though, and those always seem to take some time.

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