1st draft is a go

I finished the Lost Pittsburgh story, and even read it to my editor. He asked me what my betas have been asking. Am I doing another set of Pittsburgh stories. And I think I am. No set date for publishing or anything, and they don’t have a theme or overarching story to them like the others. This is just some stories featuring the cast. There are major time skips in the narrative and some these take place in those. Others are just for funsies.

Anyway, I got all 19654 words out of my system, even if it still needs a lot of work. And, woof… you really need to understand my world to follow along. I’m going to try to make it more accessible, but even my long time editor, who has helped me craft this universe was getting lost.

But this week, I’m going to focus on finishing July’s Chelsea story. I have it started and I know, more or less, where it’s going. She’s getting itchy to move on to the next stop and so am I.

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