I sat down to get just a little writing done, and realized I needed to revamp the beginning. It’s just not working at all, and I can’t save it.

So instead, I replanted some succulents, made curtains for my youngest, gave the dog a bath, baked bread, made dinner, and finally ran to Home Depot and got everything for summer projects EXCEPT the sandpaper I actually needed to start my shelves.

But, I can start painting the living room this weekend, which is awesome. My “living room” is 2/3 of the semi-open floor plan and bright yellow. Ironically, the same color I once painted my kitchen. But, instead of being cheerful, it’s just bright. Annoyingly bright. I loved my yellow kitchen. I wrote most of my Pittsburgh stories in there, but I will go Alice in Wonderland stark, raving mad, if we don’t paint that living room in the next few weeks. My bedroom is the same yellow, and next on the list.

Anyway, I’ll be trying to rethink the opening of this story on my way to work today. I’m fully rested and walking has always been a part of plotting with me. Some mood music and long walk might help me figure out the set up.

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