Monday, Monday

The new kitties are still taking up an inordinate amount of my attention. On the plus side I woke up super early and snuggled with Clark on the couch for awhile.

And there's lots of him to snuggle.
And there’s lots of him to snuggle.

It’s Monday and that means that in addition to chivvying my kids back into the school routine, I need to think up a topic for my writing group and since it’s publishing week editing takes precedence over drafting and discussion.

I’ve already sent out the call for proofreaders, and I cut some stuff that never sat well with me. I’m trying avoid giving in to the urge to purge though.

This is one of my favorite stories. It centers more on Matty, and he’s the most sarcastic character I’ve ever written, so he’s tons of fun to write.

But I’ve noticed a tendency to start cutting left and right on my favorites just before I publish. I’m not sure if the stories need it either. I think it’s the literary equivalent of biting my nails. I really don’t wait well.

Plus side, this is the fifth of seven stories for the first series. Uncommon Animals is almost done. Then it’s the omnibus and the big push: Review sites, begging readers to leave reviews, and getting the first two stories permafree on Amazon. Being an author doesn’t stop when the story is written.


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