Long Term Plans

Publishing monthly means balancing the short, medium, and long views.

Short view is always what’s about to get published. Get the blurb done, get the cover done, and proofread despite my lack of ability to see the typos.

Medium view is what’s getting published two months from now.  The next story is done, it’s all proofreading at this point.  I have an idea for a cover that shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off. The blurb might be challenging though. The grand finale of the first series still needs eyes.  I think the middle drags, and I’d like a few eyes on it.  I also have no idea how to sell this as an individual story. It is… It totally is. You can follow along if you don’t know the rest, but I don’t know how to word the blurb without a grand finale feel to it. It’s a me thing probably.

Long View is anything and everything beyond the medium view. Cover for the omnibus edition, finding a super cheap copy editor, and everything for the second series. I’ve paused there for a few days, but despite my lack of writing, I am still plotting.

I  also have a timeline. I think I can get the entire second series done, (covers, blurbs, polishing, the works) in time for a September release. It’s a little tight, but it would mean getting the second series started two months after the omnibus edition comes out. So I’d be getting reviews pretty much as the second series is starting. Which sounds like a decent business plan to me.

Now all of this is what runs through my head at given hour. I’m kind of amazed I manage to get any writing done…



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