Got some writing done

Still not up to my usual daily word count, but I made progress on that parody.  Unfortunately, I had a massive time slip due to my being depressed. It just occurred to me this morning that I publish in four days and I don’t have a blurb for the next story.

I’ll get it done tonight. And revise it every day until Thursday when I publish.

On the other hand, I started a new critique group just for novellas. Hopefully, this will really help push the second series through. I’m getting ready to write the finale for the Monsters of Pittsburgh. I think I can finish the draft of the parody this week despite the fight scene coming up. I plan on channelling my inevitable procrastination into publishing, ie my blurb.

This means that I really can have the entire second series drafted before the omnibus edition of the first comes out. That gives me three months to get it polished for publication. The game plan is still on schedule despite major injuries and depression.


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