One step forward, two steps back

So I had everything ready for my daughter’s birthday yesterday but slept until well after seven today.

You know this feeling.

Oh well. I also got some writing done and some critiquing.  The parody goes slowly. Mostly because my Sam and Dean are nothing like Supernatural Sam and Dean.  But I more or less have a direction to in, for a few scenes anyway. That’s the other thing. I set up my four main characters very carefully. Mina’s the figher, Matty’s the tracker, Rick’s the extra muscle, and Sam’s the healer who can deliver a beating if he needs to.

Right now, I have the healer and the newb out hunting a vicious monster. Despite my idea of Sam and Dean hunting solo, I just can’t see it. I think I’m going to hook them up with some demon hunters from Rita’s bar.

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