Freakin’ Warhol

I am not a graphic artist. I’m at best a passionate amatuer… emphasis on amatuer.

That should say, Cameron. I would never say Cameron. But if you need an artist, you should say Cameron. CLICK THE LINK.

I have however made my own covers. I’ve had fun with it, but the day I can turn it over to a pro, I will.  In the meantime, I do my best.

Since the city of Pittsburgh is such a big part of the Uncommon Animals story, I wanted something that referenced it.  Originally, I tried to put a wolf into the city, but it never seemed to work.

So instead, I decided to mimic Andy Warhol covers. He was born in Pittsburgh, his museum in Pittsburgh is one of my favorite places in the city, and his style is extremely eye catching.

However, using that one free wolf picture I have doesn’t always work for his paintings. Sometimes the results are downright unusable. And that happened last night with the anthology cover. So I need a new Warhol, again.

This is why I am already working on the Monsters of Pittsburgh covers.

The man was awesome though.


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