The stressful part

The husband and I were discussing our plans for the day.  I mentioned that I needed to do one last proofreading run before the 1st, for my own piece of mind.

“I can’t wait until I can afford editors and artists. Proofreading and creating covers is the stressful part of self-publishing.”

He laughed. “I’d think the writing would be the stressful part.”

“No, that’s pretty easy comparatively.”

And it’s true.  Writing is almost like eating these days. It’s just something I do. Get up, drink coffee, edit if I have crits, draft if I don’t. Draft again at night.  Crit and post. Repeat.

Even when I’m not typing, I’m still writing. I’m plotting, or running dialogue, or trying desperately to think up a new fight scene. I don’t think about it, I just do it.

Now, making a cover is hard. Proofreading, oh gods, is that hard.  Those two things are skills I’m still developing. And sure, my writing will always be improving, but that’s the fun part of self-publishing. The never ending cycle of ‘finish the damn story!’.

Speaking of finishing, the finale of Uncommon Animals, Hunter’s Moon, will be published this Sunday, and until then you can get the first three story free here, and the other three here.

Apparently all blog posts need an image, so let’s enjoy this cover I labored over for hours. See, tying it all together.

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