Humor, objectivity, and poop jokes

So I have a short story that I’m working on. The subject matter is… well, it’s about a poop monster.

Now, me, I giggle when ever I read it. I wrote it on a bet with a romance writer. Could I make a bowel movement as important to the plot as sex is in romances.

But I’m noticing a certain amount of ‘ew, gross!’ from people. And while I don’t normally worry about whether or not I’ll offend someone (Don’t like it? Don’t read it.), this is a slightly different matter than Matty’s sexual preferences.

So, the question is, do I keep it or do I cut it, and try to write another humorous short for Last Call?

6 thoughts on “Humor, objectivity, and poop jokes

  1. So, you concede the bet, then? hahaha!!

    What is actually interesting is the fact you have written some pretty gross stuff in other stories – blood, gore, torture – not that you didn’t write it well or handle it tactfully, but still, it was gross. So it is interesting that poop is more disturbing than those things.

    I guess the moral is: “sex sells, shit smells” lol


    1. The Bet, dear lady, was whether or not I could write a story where defecating was as important as sex is to romance.

      In that, I succeeded, lol.

      At no point, did the bet include selling said story to the general public.

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  2. I feel this might be a fascinating psychological experiment, honestly.

    People are inherently off-put by feces. Biologically, it makes sense. It transmits disease, we’re programmed to stay away from it, and it’s immediately triggers something in our baser instincts as “bad” and “gag-worthy.”

    So other “gross” things–arguably, sex and violence–aren’t considered as vile because we’re programmed to accept them to a certain extent.

    Looks like this might transfer to written word. I’m not surprised. Look at a lot of base or shock humor; it usually has to do with feces, too, and it will often elicit strong reactions.

    I guess the question comes down to whether or not you feel like your audience will appreciate the toilet humor? And if not, whether or not you think it’s off-putting enough to warrant a rewrite.

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    1. See, I based my assumptions of the ‘Excremental’ being acceptable purely on the movie, Dogma.
      Basically, in my mind, most of my friends found the movie hilarious. If Dogma can have a poop demon, why can’t I?
      It actually surprised me to get the kind ‘ewww’ responses I’ve been getting.
      Hm, maybe I should tweet Kevin Smith and ask him what people’s responses were?

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      1. Hah! You might get a response. Could be fun to find out?

        It might just be the demographic who has read it so far? Have they been of similar age/gender/sociobracket? Your sample size might just be too small to get an accurate view.

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