The Master is back

Surprisingly, the title is not a Doctor Who reference.

No, I am the master procrastinator. Especially when it comes to writing my fight scenes. And here I am, right on the edge of witches taking on an enraged spirit, and I find myself contemplating my novels.

I haven’t worked on them in over a year. I’ve been having fun writing about werewolves and witches in Pittsburgh. But once I’m done with these last three stories, I plan on dusting them off and finishing them.

The first one needs a cleaning. My style was still really wordy when I finished it. I cut 3k words last time. Pretty sure I can cut another 2-3k.

The second one is in pieces.  I was in the process of rewriting it when I put the project aside.

The third one is more of an idea.

The fourth is…

The fifth one is basically written. It’ll need overhauls and the earlier novels finished so they can be integrated, but I roughed out a draft years ago.

The sixth and seventh don’t exist yet in any form.

And I should be writing this fight scene… but I’m contemplating transferring all these files to Scrivener and organizing them. I miss the Haven… I really do.

And yes, I am well aware that all this thinking about other stuff is an avoidance strategy. I’m really, really good at that.

Will I get my fight scene written today? Probably not.

Will I get my novels integrated into Scrivener…. eh maybe.

For now, I planning on critiquing a whole bunch of stuff for my friends. Because that’s at least somewhat productive.

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