Book Review: Deus Ex Rand(): Misfits, demigods, and a beer drinking dog.


I was more than pleasantly surprised by Deus Ex Rand(): Misfits, demigods, and a beer drinking dog. D.J. Bodden manages to weave an entire new world into one hundred and thirteen pages.

The narrator addressing me, the reader, threw me at first. I almost stopped reading on the first page. But the patter of the narration was excellent and totally organic, so I stuck with it.

And damn, am I glad I did. The characters are colorful, the story compelling, and the world building is excellent. Not to mention the whole piece has a certain humor to it. It’s not laugh out loud, Terry Pratchett-funny, but a certain low key humor runs through every line. You can’t help but smile.

This is short for a series I’ve already put on my wishlist.


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